Advanced Composite

Tooling & Components

Advanced Composite Tooling & Components

Pentaxia offers world class advanced composite production capabilities.  Whether for prototyping, short-series manufacturing or long term volume (series) production we have the proven capabilities and expertise to exceed our customer expectations.

Laminating resources and facilities enable volume composite component manufacturing including resource capability for one off’s up to 7,500 parts/year.  Several aerospace volume programmes have ongoing and future requirements for up to 25 years, demonstrating our long term commitments to customers.

Specifically, for advanced composites we utilise a minimum of two autoclaves, two industrial ovens and three composite presses.  At Pentaxia, we have developed a sound reputation for our composite tooling and component manufacturing.

Turnkey Composite Solutions

With a highly respected machining capability and proven lacquering facilities, if required, we can offer our customers a genuine complete “end to end” service for almost any composite requirements.

Strategically having all production aspects in-house, we can ensure complete control throughout the development and manufacturing phases. In turn this ensures we can deliver a high quality, cost efficient and predictable service to our customers.

Key Resources:

Four environmentally controlled laminating rooms

  • Dedicated rooms for aerospace, automotive, press preforming and restricted access rooms available
  • Large laminating room specifically built for automotive OEM (multiple work stations, full process flow)
  • Kit cutting – Zund high speed cutter with full nesting software and digitiser

Four Italmatic Autoclaves (including computer controlled cooling)

  • Up to 2000kg curing capability, 250 C & 10 bar
  • Largest autoclave dimensions: 5000mm x 2600mm
  • Full Cure traceability

Curing Ovens (out of autoclave body panel systems and post-curing capabilities)

  • Votsch, 1000 x 700 x 700mm (250C), thermocouples & vac lines
  • Industrial Ovens Ltd Large Oven, 2000 x 2000 x 3900mm (250C)
  • Aerospace standard controller
Our Team:

Our composites team are highly experienced in advanced composite manufacturing, often with enviable levels of capability, knowledge and talent. These staff resources, twinned with market leading technology has helped us become a truly unique, high growth UK engineering business.