Busy as…..

The five hives of Pentaxia!

Bees! We all know the saying but we have the evidence. Here on site we now have five hives full of industrious bees busy doing what bees do. Without bees, the world would literally starve as they play a crucial part in the pollination of our plants and trees. So to coincide with World Bee Day, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the Pentaxia bees.

We initially had three hives that were relocated from the home of our MD, Stephen Ollier. Since they arrived on site they have thrived and we now have five hives and a Head of Beekeeping, Pete Jesper to take care of them. Pete is doing a sterling job making sure the bees are happy in their hives and has had to deal with two swarms in recent weeks. He has over 40 years experience so is well qualified for the job.

Lisa Wilding, our first trainee beekeeper learning how to handle the bees

He is also training up some of our staff members who have expressed an interest in keeping bees themselves at home. Whilst bees have been around for millions of years, modern agriculture and chemicals have placed them under real threat. This means the more we can do to help and encourage them to survive, the better their prospects for the future. As well as keeping bees, you can also help by planting nectar-bearing flowers and buying honey and other hive products from your local beekeepers.

As a business that is constantly expanding, if the hives keep multiplying perhaps Pentaxia honey may be one of our new products! And we’re sure the bees appreciate our company strapline:

“Be(e) the best you can today, be(e) better tomorrow” !!!

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