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Prototype Development

As the benefits of high performance composites becomes more main-stream, we are regularly approached by clients looking for guidance to develop and prototype new design concepts.

We work closely with several high profile luxury furniture makers and renowned designers and for many years have produced special one-off high performance composites solutions for demanding clients. Our bespoke requests range from dining tables and bespoke seating solutions through to ornate rifle stocks and musical instruments.

Surface Finishing Options

With our in-house paint shop, we can also offer a range of surface finishing options over and above the norm – from typical matt and gloss paint/lacquering, through to coloured lacquer tinting and airbrush detailing.

Experienced Project Managers

Whether producing metallic components for the International Space Station, table legs for a hyper-yacht or specialist composite jewellery, we’d be keen to demonstrate our project management capabilities first hand from theory to finished deliverable.

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