One small step for man, one giant leap for Pentaxia

We are very proud to announce that Pentaxia  is moving into the space sector and has been selected by Moog Inc. to design and manufacture complex tooling and subsequent composite components for the Small Launch Orbital Manoeuvring Vehicle (SL-OMV) project.  The SL-OMV is designed to deploy CubeSat constellations and guide small satellites to their final orbit. The first SL-OMV will be supplied by Moog Inc. to Lockheed Martin as part of the UK Spaceflight Programme, supported by the UK Space Agency. The lightweight vehicle is a propulsive device to be used on rockets dedicated to the launch of small satellites.

“Pentaxia is delighted to be chosen by Moog Inc. to develop and manufacture critical structures for this exciting Space project.  This is our first major step into the Space sector and the tooling and component requirements are extremely challenging.  Nonetheless, it demonstrates our expertise, reputation and “can-do” attitude in the global composite industry.  Our team are truly world-class in their respective fields from tooling design and composite material knowledge, right through to manufacturing finished structures.  The SL-OMV project is a great opportunity to showcase this expertise and anticipate it to be the first of many future projects working closely with Moog” states our Sales Director Tim Ollier.

Pentaxia will design and manufacture all tooling and composite activities in-house, offering a turn-key deliverable solution to Moog Inc.

The U.S. company Moog designs and manufactures components and systems for satellites and launch vehicles. It has been active in the space industry for more than 60 years and offers a family of orbital manoeuvring vehicles.


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