Paint & Lacquered

Composite Components
to OEM standards

Paint & Lacquering

At Pentaxia we can offer full paint and lacquer services as part of our composite manufacturing operation. In June 2015 we opened our paint facility, which enables composite components to be surface prepared and lacquered to demanding luxury OEM quality standards.

In terms of paint lacquering options, we can offer flexibility in terms of preferred material suppliers, especially as certain customers have strict commercial agreements in place with well known brands. Please contact Pentaxia for further details of material  and paint lacquering options available.

Paint Booth Dimensions: 7.2m x 4m x 2.5m (STL Ltd High Specification Cyclone booth)

Key features:

With a dedicated, highly experienced paint shop team in a well laid out workshop, we can prepare composite components to the highest surface finish to ensure the highest standard Clearcoat and lacquer finish.

Pentaxia has already supplied components to major luxury UK OEMs for high profile show-car unveilings and production vehicle fitment.

In the global composite market place we feel we are quite unique, enabling our customers to submit CAD files and receive a finished, quality lacquered composite component – all undertaken on-site, with fewer interfaces (no-third parties) and complete process control.

We also regularly work closely with our current paint & lacquer material suppliers, who can offer additional expertise during project development or ramp up if needed. We have carefully selected our supply partners to ensure we can in turn deliver to the highest standard.

By utilising our turnkey capabilities for tooling design, machining, composite production and lacquering, we can offer a high quality solution, on-time and competitively priced.

Whether one-off or prototyping through to high volume lacquering requirements, we’d be pleased to discuss any future projects.

Finishes & Capabilities
  • Initial surface preparation of composite components
  • Gloss, Matt/Satin Lacquering to demanding OEM standards
  • Colour Tinting services – various colour options available
  • Airbrush detailing – stripes, decals, logo’s (underneath clearcoat)
  • Foil application (metallic badging)
  • Specialist application paint lacquering – high temperature resistance
  • Component Priming
  • BPS painting capabilities (full vehicle body shells)
Inspection Facilities (Paint shop)
  • 20, 60 & 85 Degree Gloss measurement to ensure conformance to OEM requirements
    • Full Data logging software for 100% or batch measurement requirements)
  • Ultrasonic gloss depth measurement gauge – ensuring lacquer thickness consistency
  • Light level monitoring (with meter) – ensuring inspection area lighting levels remain consistent
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