The Second Annual Pentaxia Pancake Race!

25 February 2020.  Shrove Tuesday.  The day had arrived.   IMG_7373After a damp start, the sun came out, the course was prepp’ed and the scene was set.  It could only be the second Annual Pentaxia Pancake Race!

After the resounding success of the 2019 race, teams were itching to compete in this glorious sporting extravaganza!  You could smell the tension in the air.

HUUB Design entered two teams keen to regain some pride after their crushing defeat last year and prove themselves worthy of the coveted trophy.  And a new entrant for 2020 destined to show their wondrous skills in pancake tossing was Natwest Bank. IMG_7379

Due to controversy over last years result the rules were even tighter this year with each team allocated a marshall to count the number of pancakes tossed and to ensure fair play throughout.

The atmosphere was electric as the teams prepared themselves physically and mentally for this exhausting challenge.  Running a massive 25 metres and tossing a pancake 4 times is not an activity for the faint hearted!

And so it began, the start heralded by a foghorn so loud it could be heard across the whole of the city.    HUUB got off to a strong start but once one of their team members had dropped a pancake and had to start again, they were never going to pull it back.  This gave the Pentaxia fitting team the chance to pull ahead.

IMG_7383The second HUUB team still looked strong and were ahead of Natwest but with the second Pentaxia team making headway it just wasn’t their day.  If it hadn’t been for the fitting teams superior tossing skills Pentaxia team two might just have made it but it was Joe ‘The Whippet’ McKenna who raced over the finish line triumphant for the Pentaxia fitting team.  That boy really is fast and with one of his team members a no show – he ran twice giving him two opportunities to see just how quick and skilled at pancake tossing he is!

With the race over, free pancakes for all in our fab canteen while the trophy was presented to the winning team.  Many congratulations to the team: Jack Clayton; Mark Jackson; Joe McKenna; Jason Pettipierre and Matt Taylor.  Thanks to you guys Pentaxia’s honour remains intact.  We are proud of you!

As for HUUB and NATWEST – thanks so much for participating, a brave effort but definitely much more practice needed before next year!





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