Pentaxia Drives Sustainability by Installing POD Points

Driving towards a more sustainable future, advanced composites manufacturer Pentaxia is one of the first employers in Derby to install electrical vehicle (EV) POD Points for customers and employees.

This investment in green technology demonstrates Pentaxia’s commitment to sustainability and staff welfare. Two employees have already taken the opportunity to use the POD Point units, enabling them to invest in hybrid vehicles that will improve air quality, cut travelling costs and reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuels. Additional points will also be installed in Pentaxia’s new facility, due to open later this year.

podpoint at pentaxia 3

Pentaxia’s managing director Stephen Ollier said: “Like us, our clients in the aerospace and automotive markets are committed to innovation and sustainability, so it’s no surprise that we were keen to embrace the electric car movement. As we grow and build our workforce, I believe we need to do it in a sustainable way, future-proofing our facilities and creating a better community and environment for our employees to work in. I want to help my staff live in a more sustainable way and I hope this decision will help more employees who are thinking about buying a new car, think about going green!”

podpoint at pentaxia 2

POD Point’s marketing manager Oliver Murphy added: “This is a great time for Pentaxia to invest, and demonstrates their forward-looking attitude towards technology. Electric cars have come a long way; zero emission car models are now able to travel more than 100 miles without charging, and they’re getting simpler to use. Our POD Points provide users with an easy-to-use app and dashboard to monitor their energy consumption.”

POD Points is a trusted UK technology provider with more than 30,000 charging points across the UK. This installation and contract gives Pentaxia the potential to charge four vehicles simultaneously.

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