Pentaxia helps mould the next generation of engineers at local school visit

For the students of Derby Moor School, last week was far from the average timetable of English, Maths and PE, when they got hands on with composites during a visit from Pentaxia.

Design engineer Kenzie Myers and inspection engineer, Harj Sanghera met with a group of budding engineers at the school in Littleover to talk about careers in composites and Pentaxia’s work, including the opportunity to try their hand at laminating.

Reflecting on the visit, Kenzie said: “The students were really interested in hearing about our customers as there are quite a few names that they recognised, leading lots of questions about the type of work we do for big brands.

“After the presentation, we guided the group in an activity where they laminated a mould tool and then vacuumed it the down. The students seemed to really enjoy getting hands on as it helped them to understand the process better.”

The visit was an opportunity to talk the students about the varied career paths in engineering and show them that a wide range of skills can lead to a job in the industry.

Kenzie explains, “When you ask a young person ‘what is engineering?’ you usually get one of two answers, either ‘it’s a when you fix things and get your hands dirty’ or ‘you have to be good at maths and science’. But the truth is that engineering presents a range of opportunities, no matter your skill strength – there really is a job for everyone to enjoy.”

On a mission to inspire the next generation of engineers, Kenzie and Harj were thrilled at the group’s interest in pursuing a career in the industry, with a couple of students keen to work for Pentaxia when they finish their education!

Kenzie adds, “Composites is fairly new to the industry, so it’s rare that students to get to learn about it at school. I love seeing the students interested and engaged in engineering. It feels great to walk away knowing you’ve taught them something new about an industry that they could potentially find a future career in.

“When two students said they wanted to work at Pentaxia, it made Harj and I feel like we had made a real difference, and who knows in a few years we might be seeing some familiar faces in our factory!”

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