Who works at a place like this?

Over the past few weeks, we have been pleased to welcome several students to Pentaxia for work experience. Pupils from Derby Grammar, Ecclesbourne School and Belper School and Sixth Form Centre have all spent a week looking at exactly what it means to work in the fast-paced industry that is composites,

As a business, we like to work with local education providers as it is important for us to encourage young people into engineering and work experience is a fantastic way to give a taster of potential career options.Tom Work Experience

To get the most out of their time with us, each student ‘works’ in the various departments of the business ranging from design to despatch.   This means they experience both office-based roles such as engineering and production roles such as fitting or laminating. They even get to try their hand at robotics down at our R&D centre.  We’ve had some great feedback from the students who have commented “I really enjoyed the experience at Pentaxia”, “All the people are lovely” and “Working with the robots was cool!”

It is great to be able to provide hands-on experience and to encourage interest in either composites or the wider engineering field. As the composite industry continues to grow and develop, these young people will be vital in shaping the future.

We wish them all well with their future plans and who knows once their educational journey is over we may welcome them back to Pentaxia on the payroll!











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